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Al Noor Medical Laboratory We provide a full range of medical testing for patients, public and private doctors and to outpatients in both Private and Public Hospitals.  We are committed to quality and fast Al Noor Medical Laboratory The aim is to provide medical laboratory services for practicing private clinics and hospitals and polyclinics. The laboratory performs a wide range of laboratory tests and all the fields of pathology including histopathology and cytology. in Al Noor Medical Laboratory We also provide services to a number of veterinary clinics. Specialized medical tests such as PCR, chromosome analysis and autoimmune tests are sent to overseas European reference laboratories

Al Noor Medical Laboratory Services

  • Microbiology
    in Al Noor Medical Laboratory All microbiology samples for culture and sensitivity are performed on appropriate culture media bought from Saudi prepared media.Identification of pathogens performed by biochemical and serological tests. Serological tests for infectious diseases are performed on Roach Elecsys 2020 or by Elisa method.
  • Biochemistry
    in Al Noor Medical Laboratory Extensive range of Biochemical tests are performed on state of the art medical auto analysers such as Cobas Integra ,. Hormonal assays and tumour markers are performed on Roach Elecsys 2020. The list of Laboratory Tests are shown in our laboratory request form.
  • Haematology
    in Al Noor Medical Laboratory Routine Haematological Tests are performed on ABX Pentra 80and Micros 60.Specialised haematology tests such as Hb-Electrophoresis for the detection of haemoglobinopathies ,Bone marrow examination and interpretation is performed by consultant haematologist.
  • Histopathology & Cytology 
    in Al Noor Medical Laboratory The only private independent lab in Bahrain with this speciality.Human tissue samples ,biological fluids ,biopsies, fine needle aspirates and sputum cytology. Routine H and E and specialized histochemical stains are performed.
  • Specialized Test
    CML Pre-marriage , Pre-employment profiles and House maid check –up
    CML Vetenrery biop sies and pathology tests.
    CML Food microbiology by arrangement
    CML Allergy profiles and food intolerance by arrangement
    CML Complete health check to include haematological ,cardiac,liver,kidney and electrolyte profile.


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