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It’s good news for all those who are overweight. CAMBRIDGE Weight Plan is great for quick weight loss before holiday or wedding etc. Cambridge Weight Plan opens their branch in Doha now. CWP is completely safe and proven diet. It is manufactured in UK and distributed more than 26 countries. It is one of the top rated diets worldwide. We have registered distributors in Dubai, Bahrain, Jeddah and Oman also. Cambridge diet is very low calorie diet, complete food replacement diet, nutritionally completed and very convenient for any life style.

Green Life Services

Our wide range of tempting flavors and textures are available through Cambridge Consultants in Green Life ensuring there is something for everyone.

Choose from one of the sachets that mix with water to make a tasty shake, soup or porridge suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For convenience, our chocolate coated meal bars and ready-made shakes make an ideal alternative when you are on the move

Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) was created by biochemist Dr Alan Howard and his colleague Dr Ian McLean-Baird as they sought to develop the “perfect diet”. Their formula produced excellent weight loss results and following many years of research, the first commercial version of Cambridge Weight Plan, known then as The Cambridge Diet, was launched in the UK in 1984. Since then more than 30 million people from all over the world have used Cambridge Weight Plan.
Our products are manufactured by Cambridge Weight Plan Ltd which is based in Corby, Northants, UK. We operate from three sites at Weldon North Industrial Estate and currently employ 180 full time staff.

How Cambridge Weight Plan works

Green Life Plan provides flexible weight loss programmes to both women and men through our Cambridge Consultants, who will give you one-to-one support on your weight loss journey.

We have been successfully helping people lose weight and keep it off for more than 30 years.

Green Life offer a range of weight loss programmes, which are flexible enough to fit in with your own lifestyle, along with the one-to-one support of your very own Cambridge Consultant. You can choose the complete meal replacement option, or opt for one of our programmes that include healthy eating alongside meal replacements. Cambridge Consultants are unique as they have also lost weight on the Plan, so they know exactly what you are going through. It is easy to pick a Consultant, simply type in your postcode and a list of Consultants who live near you will appear. It is then up to you to make that next step, and change your life forever!
Our easy-to-use Cambridge Weight Plan wheel is a step-by-step guide to your weight loss experience with Cambridge Weight Plan. With the help of your Consultant, you can find a Step to fit your lifestyle, ranging from 440 to 1500 kcal per day.

What's the Plan?

Green Life Plan provides flexible weight loss programmes for women and men.
The Plan is made up of a flexible six-step programme, allowing you and your Consultant to choose the perfect Step that fits you and your lifestyle.
Our nutritionally balanced programmes range from 440kcal to 1500+kcal per day.
Your Consultant will explain the Cambridge Weight Plan Steps programme including the four stages of each weight loss programme; preparation, weight loss, stabilisation and long-term weight management. After discussing your personal circumstances, your Consultant will recommend an appropriate Step for you to start on. For more information on the Steps click here.
Your Cambridge Consultant not only will provide you with one-to-one support, but will also motivate and encourage you throughout your weight loss journey and once you reach your target, they'll be there to help you maintain your fantastic new look! Are you ready to find your Consultant?

What's the price?

Green Life Plan has a plan as individual as you.
Please contact your local Cambridge Consultant to
find out more details.

One-to-one support

A recent survey showed that 93% of people think one-to-one support is beneficial for a dieter*.
Our Independent Consultants are unique. They themselves have lost weight with Cambridge Weight Plan so they will understand exactly what you are going through, and will support and motivate you throughout your weight loss journey.


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