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Qatar Care For Home Care Services is a pioneer in providing professional home healthcare and medical care services for the people of Qatar. Qatar Care For Home Care Services was established in 2007 to satisfy the need of personal patient care in the comfort of their home. Qatar Care For Home Care Services was established with a seven-member team and has grown to be a full-fledged organization, with around 100 employees, serving clients across the country. Over the years, Qatar Care For Home Care Services have achieved unprecedented success, generating a valuable brand name and genuine goodwill by delivering high-quality home care services. Qatar Care For Home Care Services adhere to the policies and specifications stipulated by the regulatory authorities to execute a safe and secure home care practice.We strive to continuously evolve and improve ourselves, and adapt to the evolving technology to serve the community in a better way. Qatar Care For Home Care Services endeavour to ensure our customers get the best of the healthcare services in the comfort of their homes.

Our Management Team

Ms. Mary Rose Uy manages Home Care operations. She is a licensed nurse in the Philippines and Qatar. Our management is ably supported by our Supervisors, Head Nurses, Nurses, Quality Controllers, Administrative and Office Staff, Caregivers, Babysitters, Physiotherapists and Company Drivers. Our home healthcare staff are mostly licensed nurses recognized in Qatar and their country of origin, and highly educated and skilled. Guided by our management team, we are committed to provide quality care to our patients.


Qatar Care For Home Care Services has state-of-the-art infrastructure needed to provide excellent home healthcare services. We have an Education & Training Room dedicated to provide education and training to our staff in order to excel in delivering optimum services. The Education & Training Room features an adult and a baby dummy to review basic nursing and care procedures, as a part of the orientation program for new team members. We also have an exhaustive in-house library of books and articles related to healthcare. In addition, Qatar Care For Home Care Services are equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure for physiotherapy services. Our physiotherapists execute patient-specific rehabilitation strategies with modern equipment, such as muscular ultra-sound and ultraviolet machines.

Qatar Care For Home Care Services

Qatar Care For Home Care Services was established to provide exceptional home care services to the citizens of Qatar. Families prefer to be with their loved one during recovery and want him/her to recover in a familiar environment. We help families and patients to be with each other during the care and rehabilitation process. Qatar Care For Home Care Services take immense pride in stating that we are Qatar’s first home healthcare company. We leave no stone unturned to cater to your needs and undertake personal care in a professional manner. Qatar Care For Home Care Services focuses on providing quality medical and home care services and empower people to live a life they are entitled to live.

Nursing Services

Qatar Care For Home Care Services offer basic to critical bedside nursing services to people with medical needs, bedridden patients and others in need of nursing. Our head nurses and nurses are licensed from their country of origin and in Qatar, with a minimum hospital experience of two years in patient care. They are dedicated and passionate to provide professional care to the patients.Qatar Care For Home Care Services carry out a professional consultation session for analyzing the patient’s medical report, health condition and doctors and medical representatives’ recommendations. Based on this, our nurses provide customized care to the patients.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is vital in the rehabilitation of a patient and for recovery of normal function. Our physiotherapists are licensed and trained to execute effective rehabilitation programs, and suggest preventive lifestyle advice. They are vastly experienced in handling a variety of conditions and dealing with pediatrics to geriatrics. We understand that physiotherapy requires complete focus and attention from the doctors as well as the patients. Our physiotherapists create a bond with patients and motivate them to make an effort, so that they can propel them towards a better life. We create therapy programs based on the patient’s medical reports, history and the doctor’s recommendations. We cater to the needs of patients who are on a road to recovery by creating tailor-made rehabilitation programs. We provide rehabilitation services for:

  • Patients with injuries
  • Patients who have recently undergone a surgery
  • Patients with juvenile disabilities, such as cerebral palsy
  • Patients with a history of stroke

Care Giving Services

We established care-giving services to satisfy the underlying need of assistance for people during their old age. Due to declining health, elders find it difficult to perform basic tasks that are necessary to lead a satisfactory life. Our caregivers are trained to make them feel comfortable and lead a happy life. We are dedicated to care for elderly people. Our care-giving services are focused around assisting people in performing the daily chores of life. We help people overcome the mental and physical hurdle by helping them in their daily activities. We also extend our services to mothers during and after pregnancy. We also take care of newborn babies and ensure that they get the necessary attention. Families need an expert to ensure that both the mother’s and the child’s needs are met. Our caregivers assist mothers in taking care of the growth and development of newborn babies and look after their own health. Our caregivers are certified nurses and provide the following services:

  1. Assisting people with special needs
  2. Taking care of elderly and bedridden patients
  3. Care for newborn babies and their mothers
  4. Accompanying and catering to patients travelling abroad
  5. Nutritional guidance and timely medication

Special Transportation

We facilitate smooth transportation for people with specific needs. Our van is specially designed to cater to transportation needs of the special population. Equipped with an elevator and a specialized wheelchair, our van is ideal to shuttle our patients from one destination to another. Our transportation services are currently applicable in Doha city. Our service includes touring our clients for three hours in complete comfort. To ensure their safety, a professional healthcare provider accompanies the patients all the time. We also extend this service to escort newborn babies and their mothers safely, from the hospital to their home.


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