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Rehab Health Services team of health professionals provides 24/7 care and support to patients from infants to elderly. We are committed to provide quality and affordable healthcare services. Entrust us your loved ones and you'll never have to worry again leaving them at home alone. We provide exactly the care program and level of care needed to promote best possible recovery and well being. Having recognized that care at home allows people to maintain their independence and remain in charge of their lives in familiar surroundings, we were founded to fill this gap. We provide tailored services which best meet the needs of our patients, including visits to administer injections, care for wounds and pain management. Our services are also available in a variety of shift patterns. So whether you need us only once a week, a couple of hours a day or 24/7, we will be there for you whenever you need us. We aim to maintain the status of the Qatar's leading home nursing providers.

Rehab Health Services

Elderly Nursing Care

Rehab Health Services Provide you the best support to maintain your dignity is of paramount importance to us, which is why our Care Service will ensure you to feel comfortable at all times. We strive to provide the elderly with the greatest extent of respect, humanity, professionalism, care, and integrity along with a comfortable companionship.

Maternity and Pre Mature Care

Whether you’re expecting or just planning your family, Rehab Health Services will be there from the beginning, and stay with you as your baby grows. RHS offers a range of services designed to help with the emotional and physical demands of motherhood. These include but are not limited to pre and post natal care, breast care, breast feeding consultation, bonding, coping with a crying new born and midwifery.
Our newborn specialists are just a phone call away!
Highly trained and experienced, a baby nurse or newborn care RHS specialists can help care for and nurture your baby and provide you education and guidance as you learn your role as a new parent.


Rehab Health Services provide physiotherapists. Our established physiotherapy team consists of well-trained health professionals who have experience working in aged care. Rehab Health Services physiotherapists use a wide range of treatment techniques to relieve pain, restore movement and function, and prevent further problems for the residents. RHS also provide treatments such as exercise prescription which are tailored programs to help retrain posture, strengthen muscles and improve overall fitness.

Speech Pathology

Rehab Health Services Speech Pathologists are well positioned to provide a full array of speech pathology services and care directives including special feeding for cases of Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and management of tube feeds.

Speech Therapy Care

Rehab Health Services speech therapists will help you develop an exercise program tailored to your individual needs, and will help you with strategies to ensure that speaking and swallowing are easier and safer. Rehab Health Service's speech therapists care for patients of all ages, including those in need of Early Intervention (ages 0-3). Speech and language therapists (SLT) assess and treat speech, language and communication problems in people of all ages to help them better communicate. They'll also work with people who have eating and swallowing problems.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes a long-term condition that is essentially self-managed but requires regular monitoring by health professionals.Therefore, Rehab Health Services provide the care and respective helping hand to provide comfort for you or your loved once in need.

Travel Care Nurse

Our holiday care service in the Qatar allows you the flexibility to take your care with you, wherever you go, in the Qatar or abroad, for work or for pleasure. Our holiday care service supports individuals who find it difficult to go on holiday due to the level of care and support that they require whilst away from home, often resulting in them not getting the break they need. Our caring private Rehab Health Services nurses will be next to the patient from travel preparation time, to boarding, flying, landing and getting to the required destination. Throughout that journey, we will offer care and support with a smile.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes a long-term condition that is essentially self-managed but requires regular monitoring by health professionals.Therefore, Rehab Health Services provide the care and respective helping hand to provide comfort for you or your loved once in need.

Specialized BABY Care Service

Our highly experienced maternity nurses will take care of you before the birth and after your baby is born We offer specialized professional BABY care services for families who need temporary and or permanent nanny care for their children while they are away or need someone to watch their children. As all Highly Qualified RHS nurses are trained in newborn development, you can benefit from their advice on breastfeeding and formula, safety, hygiene, sterilization and the use of equipment. The maternity nurses will help you with night feeds, changing and settling the baby, and assist you in establishing your baby’s sleeping patterns so that you can get a good’s night sleep.

Disable Management Care

Rehab Health Services provide care for people with physical disabilities and chronic illness, and perform hands-on nursing care & we help patients return to their daily lives.Rehab Health Services Show patients how to adapt to temporary, or permanent, disabilities. A recent illness or injury that affects the ability to function on a daily basis.If the Patient suffers from impaired vision, hearing and / or alertness, as this may increase their risk for being involved in accidents.we are sure we can work the best care plan that is customized to your parent’s individual needs and arrange for the appropriate care.

Pain Management Care

While facing illness or immobility, it can be a struggle to carry out everyday activities that you or your loved once may have once performed with ease. Rehab Health Services help prevent complications by closely monitoring the clinical needs and well-being of everyone under our care.

Rehabilitation Care

Our rehabilitation nurses are at hand to assist individuals with disability and/or chronic illness. Rehab Health Services Prepare patients, and their families for rehabilitation challenges.


You can completely depend on Rehab Health Service Care to assign a qualified and compassionate nurse or Health care provider to take care of your Employees while working at Camp or Construction Site. During Assignment period of Rehab Health Service Care we will provider our fully supported and supervised & Classified professional Nurse to ensure the highest standard of care tailored to the need of each client.

Part-Time Company Nurses

Rehab Health Service Care provides best qualified and Qatar certified Nurses when you need them the most.

School Nurses

You can relay on depend on Rehab Health Service Care Qatar Certified Nurses to work accordingly at the best nursing practice and your wishes so that your child’s routine, diet, sleep patterns and preferences at school, developmental activities and structured play are completely uninterrupted.


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