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United Care Nursing Service (UCNS) has been established to provide and maintain healthy nursing services for patients at home, school and workplace such as factories or companies. All staff employed or contracted by or on behalf of UCNS is obliged to abide by the aim “to deliver quality services to meet individual’s needs”. When United Care supplies nurses to provide care in different settings, recipient should experience quality care and support from United and should be fully informed and involved in all decisions affecting the care provided and contribute to the planning and evaluation of services.

Our Team

United Care Nursing Service Staff are employed by our company and selected based on educational qualification as per Supreme Council of Health, Qatar standard, work experience, and values for service. Each applicant undergoes a thorough screening and once selected, he / she is given regular programs to maintain competency and improve knowledge and professional skills. The Staff Nurses are registered and duly licensed professionals by Supreme Council of Health, Qatar

Our Mission

To provide, maintain, & deliver quality services to meet individual needs, exceed client’s satisfaction and make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Our Vision

To be the leading nursing services provider in the State of Qatar.

Our Values

In the pursuit of this Vision, the management and staff members of United Care will be guided by the following values;

  • Compassion 
  • Dedication
  • Service
  • Empathy

United Care Nursing Service


Health is a very important factor in reaching the maximum / full potential of a student.
United Care Nurse working in the school and nursery setting;
• Strengthens and facilitates the educational procedure by improving and protecting the health status of children.
• The main focus of school nursing services is the prevention of sickness and disability, and the early detection and correction of health problems.
• The school nurse is uniquely qualified in preventive health, health assessment, and referral procedures. Ensures the overall well-being of the school-aged children.


Each one of us spends whole day at the workplace, so it is very important that the employees / staff are happy and healthy while working.

United Care Company Nurses;
• Coordinate the well-being of workers in the workplace such as factories and companies.
• Responsible for integrating health improvement plan to reduce accidents.
• Educate workers about ways to be more responsible in the workplace.
• Coordinate health care services for injured workers and provide strategies that will prevent injuries at the workplace.
• Give health awareness programs and facilitate efficient communication between injured workers and the management.
• Ensure standards are met and assess work hazards.


• 1. Medication Administration and Monitoring
Care recipient shall receive medication intake according to the timetable and monitoring of medication intervals as prescribed by Physician. Home care nurses ensure supplies of medicine/s prescribed by Physician are complete, not expired, and enough for the duration of medication needed.

2. IV Management & Injections

3. Health Assessments
Including blood pressure monitoring and other vital signs

4. Wound Care
Performing dressing changes and controlling infections


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