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We here at Youffy Nursing Care Center are pleased to present to you our services to provide you with certified healthcare professionals that will fill the needs of your business. Our main branch in Youffy Nursing Care Center is located in Doha Qatar serving in the market for several years. Due to market demands in the health care delivery system the owner Mrs.Hoda Ibrahim M S Almotawa decided to open branch for Youffy Nursing Care Center in Dubai and soon to open the opportunity to all GCC countries, Asia and neighboring countries.. Our highly experienced, dedicated, meticulous hr manager and staff in Youffy Nursing Care Center screened properly in its man power pooling activities to provide a well experienced, well trained and highly certified professionals based on the requirements from different governing bodies from gulf countries and from clients job requirements. Our company in Youffy Nursing Care Center will handle the licensing body authority in each country/state for the individual licenses.Our main focus is the quality of life for patient and serve the best of clients needs.

Youffy Nursing Care Services

  Clinic Care

• Patient care in different areas of responsibilities.
• Under general direction, develops, implements, evaluates, and manages the care and education of patients; supervises day-to-day activities of patient care; performs assessments of patients; attends educational in-services.

• Care for ill, injured, or convalescing patients or persons with disabilities in a facility.
Job task or responsibilities:
• Educates patients in the outpatient clinics; responds to consultations made by physicians.
• Performs patient histories and physical examinations under physician supervision; evaluates results and monitors treatment plans; maintains medical records.
• Oversees patient schedules, appointments, and procedures; attends and assists during surgical procedures.
• Participates in educational in-services and seminars for health care providers at Saint Louis University as well as the surrounding area; maintains current certification through continuing education.
• Assists in assessing, developing, coordinating, and revising teaching programs for the medical staff.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Elderly Care

• Medical care, taking care of geriatric people. It includes not just the medical needs, but also the psychological and social needs of seniors.
• Referred to as long-term care, includes a wide range of services that are provided over an extended period of time to people who need help to perform normal activities of daily living because of cognitive impairment or loss of muscular strength or control.
Job task and responsibilities:
• Basic assistance such as helping patients bathe, dress themselves, get up and down, walk, and use wheelchairs or walkers.
• Monitor patients’ conditions and assess their vital signs, noting any physical or mental decline and reporting back to the doctor.
• Administer medications and other treatments
• Help patients manage common age-related conditions such as incontinence, sleep disturbances or loss of mobility.

Child Care

Nursing services in Youffy Nursing Care Center that provide a responsive, develop mentally appropriate environment for your children. This quality care, added to a quality home environment, leads to the best possible physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development in the child
Job task and responsibilities:
• Ability to comfort the child
• Checking of temperature
• Giving bath
• Feeding
• Reassure and gain the trust of child.
• Excellent communication and listening skills.
• Need the authority and confidence to deal with children or parents in stressful circumstances.
• teaching parents how to care for their child


in Youffy Nursing Care Center we are Helping the patient to achieve maximum independence and improve quality of life through functional activities
Job Task and Responsibilities:
• Increases or maintains range of motion and muscle strength
• Prevent contractures or stiffness from immobility
• Increase ADL independence
• Teaching proper body mechanics and energy saving techniques
• Designing assistive or adaptive devices necessary for independent functioning
• Increase or simplify movements for self care
• Provide psychological support
• Sensory stimulation through exercises
• Reduce isolation by increasing social interaction
• Simplify the environment and develop consistent routines

School Nursing

• Professional practice in Youffy Nursing Care Center that focus on students well-being, academic success and live long achievements.
Job task or responsibilities:
• Positive student response to normal human development
• Promote health and safety in school environment
• Intervenes with actual and potential health problems
• Provide case management services
• Actively collaborate with others to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self-care, self-advocacy and learning

Occupational Health Nursing

Nursing practice wherein it delivers health and safety program and services to workers, worker population and community group. Aim in  is to combine knowledge of health and business balance safe and healthful work environments.
Job task or responsibilities:
• Promotion of health
• Maintenance and restoration of health
• Prevention of illness and injury
• Protection from work-related and environment hazards

Manpower Supply

Manpower supply in Youffy Nursing Care Center is a world leader in the workforce solutions
We Supply the right person at the right JOB.
• We solve problems.
• We anticipate each solutions.
• We recruit smartly.

Recruitment Manpower Outsourcing

in Youffy Nursing Care Center we Providing right Staff to the right department. Youffy’s Responsibility:
• under visa of Youffy
• accommodation provided and transportation
• processing of documents will be under Youffy
• maximum months of deployment is 4-6 months ( depends on clients requirement)
• replacement of staff under Youffy
• tickets will be under Youffy (two way)
• Salary, sick leave, holidays and emergency leave are controlled by Youffy

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