Dr.Ayten Allaverdieva Dr.Ayten Allaverdieva


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Education & Medical Qualifications
  • Specialist in Plastic and Laser Surgery
  • Dr. Allaverdieva is a specialist plastic surgeon with over 9 years of experience.
  • Dr. Allaverdieva is graduated from Medical Academy in Moscow, done her internship in the Republican Clinic Hospital in Baku, Azerbaijan and have passed several training courses on aesthetical plastic surgery and surgical cosmetology.
  • Dr. Allaverdieva is specialized in both surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures, including liposuction, fat injection in different parts of the body, Botox, fillers, PRP, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, and different Laser treatments.
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Languages Spoken
  1. English
  2. Russian
  1. Plastic Surgicentre
  1. Ministry of Public Health in Qatar
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